Women’s Hygiene
Chupi Chodo | Menstrual awareness

There are multiple social norms, unwritten rules and local practices around managing menstruation. To tackle the taboo and promote better hygiene practices, Roof Foundation launched the Menstrual Hygiene Project, two initiatives taken by the team were “Donate A Pad” Campaign and “Sanitary Napkin Free Distribution”.

Food Distribution
Din Aahar - Koi Bhukha Nahi Soyega

Roof Foundation has been actively providing free food to people belonging to low socio economic status as well as to pilgrims. It is conducted as a regular program in many areas in Patna. Added to that, in case of calamities, our volunteers provide food and cooking materials to the victims of disaster.

cloth distribution4
Cloths Distribution
Pahna Do - People that Need Clothes

Contribute your unused shirt, pant, Sari, Child cloths, T-shit,  sweaters, socks, caps, coats, blankets, daily use cloths, etc.. 

All the donated clothes are washed and distributed among the poor in the slum. Along with this, new clothes are also given to the people.

Girl - Health Kit
Sponsor A Girl from Bihar’s slums with a health kit for one year

Our Roof Foundation Champions program facilitates access to a healthy and dignified healthcare management and education for underprivileged girls and women from urban slums. All the donations go towards enrolling girl in our year-long online curriculum that provides education on physical, mental and social health along with access to a health kit consisting of a monthly supply of sanitary napkins, underwear, prescribed multivitamins, telehealth sessions for their holistic development.

Educate Girls protects & promotes the right of every girl to gain

66 million girls in India (15-25 years old) are permanently at-risk of never completing their secondary education. As a result, they are unable to access even entry level jobs or apply for formal loans to set-up small scale businesses.

We want to change that.

In 2023, we launched our program called Project Divya. The objective is to enable adolescent girls and young women to achieve their secondary credentials by leveraging the government’s open school system.

Educate Girls protects & promotes the right of every girl to gain

Educate a Girl and She will marry later.

Educate a Girl and She will educate her children.

Educate a Girl and She will build climate resilience.

Educate a Girl and She will earn more.

Educate a Girl and She will break the cycle of poverty & patriarchy.

Educate a Girl and She will stand up to violence.

Flood Relief
Let’s Help

Every flood leaves the region helpless, impacting the property and lives of people. It is imperative for us to reach out to the victims. Food, relief materials & temporary shelter are the essential immediate needs for the victims. Our volunteers are at the forefront in delivering the relief materials. 

Rural Startup
Rural Startup
Little Help Can Make a Big Difference

“Financial freedom empowers and asserts a woman. Roof Foundation will have provided them with skills, financial resources, access to markets, and company development services. By starting small-scale businesses, women in rural India can earn a good income for their families.

Health Camp
Svast Raho | Health Camp @ Slam Area

To inculcate good health practices in community members, Roof Foundation holds one health camps in every month. We provide health care services like general consultation, blood tests, Vaccination, deworming, nutritious food and free medicines to residents of slum communities

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Come join us on this journey by supporting us. Every penny would go a long way to help girls/women and their communities.

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