She Inspire Achiever Awards 2024

She Inspire Achiever Awards

She Inspire Achiever Awards 2024 is an initiative by Roof Foundation that recognizes and acknowledges invincible potential of women change makers. SIAA celebrates the commitment, courage and confidence of exceptional women across dimensions and geographical boundaries. It aims to inspire female achievers in present and into the future. We understand an empowered woman is powerful beyond measures, beautiful beyond description and capable of architecting the world into a better place while inspiring several more.

If you think you are a woman or know a woman who has made an impact which deserves to earn recognition in the society, SIAA is where you need to be. All working/non-working women with great yet unsung stories are invited to nominate and empower themselves at this event.


She Inspire Achiever Awards 2024 is open to all women who are part of Education, Business, Fashion, Entertainment, Beauty, Aviation, Agriculture, Technology, Healthcare, Creator, Influencer, Sports, Media, Transwomen, Writer, Women Entrepreneurs, Professional, companies, public sector enterprises (their units), Corporate Foundations & Trusts, NGOs/INGOs working for the Indian populace and individuals. All work that is mentioned for nomination must have been in operation for at least one calendar year.

• Winning Certificate & Award Memento (trophy).

• Recognition on E-Platforms.

• Increased visibility through RF channels.

• The award winner will be mentioned in a Digital/Print Media.

• Selected individuals/projects will be asked to make a video and will be hosted on the day of Event & also upload YouTube/Facebook/Instagram channel.

•Selected individuals/projects will also be featured in the NGO Website. 

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